Oakwood Athletic Boosters

2023/2024 Oakwood Athletic Booster Members

Lumberjack Level

The Almoney Family
Josh and Lauren Francis
Molly and Nick Gounaris
Andy and Natalie Kummerer
Susan Ransower
Dan Stoica
Steve and Patty Taylor
Demetri and Crystal Zavakos

Oak Level

Tyler Campbell
Danya Devine
Stephanie and Pete Ferra
The Hamblin Family
Kevin Jones
Steve Martindale
Sarah Morse
Sarah and Greg Patterson
Brad and Kelly Thobe
Michelle and Aaron Tucker
Portia Quisno

Gold Level

The Altenburg Family
Amy Neff Blankenship
Paul and Jill Bohaboy
Dick Brand
Emma Butler
Carol Collins
Brian and Laura Connor
Kevin and Dante Connell
Sara Cox
Courtney Deutsch
Kiera and Lana Eliopulos
Eileen and Chris Epley
Lauren Goodling
Paul and Alyson Goolsby
Michael and Kyla Guy
Thomas Howitt
Autumn Johnson
Aaron and Lesley Jones
Mary Montgomery
Melissa and Kirk Morris
Kevin and Joey Nels
Lynn Norton
Nathan and Rebecca Parker
Alison Peters
Todd Pleiman
Maria Russell
Whitney Sharp
Ryan Stitsinger
Devon Valencia
Pam Wessel
Laura and Jeff Woeste
Zelik Family

Blue Level

Lucinda Baker
Kiersten Cahill
Ashley Coyne
Eve Connolly
Cassie Darr
Michael Gelbart
Jigna and Greg Haack
Charles Hall
Abigail Jekins
Charles Keating
Charlotte Lee
Karen Lindsey
Jennifer Makkas
Stephanie Malayter
Elizabeth and Scott Mohr
Tara Nabholz
Rachel Newman
Todd and Theo Rich
Jill Schalm
Michele Schoenberg
Sarah Seim
Braden Short
Nadja Turek
Michelle Young

Acorn Level

Leigh Addison
Carol and Bob Askins
Lauren Bodey
Michelle And Carlis Brown
Adam and Sarah Cicora
The Donnelly Family
Molly Eaton
Mike Eberle
Bridget Fiore
Jason Frost
The Grant Family
The Kite Family
Andrea Dickerson-Kline
Michelle Knorr
Chris and Krista LaPietra
Justin Lyles
Bran and Jane Lynch
Brooke McMullen
Sharon and Stefan Neumeister
Andrew Sayer
Kathryn Mullen Upton
Erica Williams
Steven Vandyke